Friday, April 16, 2010

Alyssa and Emerson love going out to the horses and riding. Now that the weather is nice, we hope to be doing it more often.  Aly love, love, LOVES horses and carries around a field guide to horses book most days.  She has even woken up in the middle of the night screaming in sleep "My field journal! Where is it? I need to know what horse I want to be today!" haha.  Its really cute, she likes to look through it, decide which horse she is and then likes to be read the information about it.  Many of the books we have about creatures are fact books. Aly enjoys going through and picking out different animals to learn about, even insects.
Alyssa's first ballet class ended after 10 weeks and their last class they presented their dances to the parents.  It was beyond cute! Aly had her tongue in her cheek almost the entire time.  Emerson was a good sport and sat still for the whole half hour.  Alyssa has loved dance so much with Miss Lori that we signed her up for the next 10 weeks.  In the fall she'll go into their full year program and when she is 5 she'll get to choose the type of dance she'd like to take- ballet, tap or jazz.  Right now she is adament about tap, probably because it makes the most noise and its Miss Lori's favorite :)
The Dinosaurs at the zoo are Awesome!  I've taken the kids 4 times to see them, and they've gone with Nana, Grandpa Jack and Auntie Becca once.  Travis hasn't had a chance to go but we'll fix that pretty soon.
The first time I took them Emerson was quite scared, he wanted to be carried or in the wagon. He kept his head in my shoulder or his hands over his eyes but he was always peeking out.  When we would walk past the dinosaur Emerson would wave and say "bye" followed by "Wow! cool, moving dinosaur! Scary! One more please" haha.  He talked about dinosaurs non stop after that first visit and was almost inconsolable that night when I told him we could not go back to the zoo to see them that day.  Now he's dino obsessed!  We got a great book recommendation from a friend. ABC Dinosaurs. Its a board book with every letter of the alphabet covering a dinosaur. Its awesome! It has facts and picture of how big the dinosaur is compared to a person.
Because we've been so many times now Emerson is just a bit nervous around the T-Rex but all the other ones he's fine with.  Alyssa loves the dinosaurs too.  Its really fun to watch her because some of them are motion sensored and others have buttons so you can control which parts of them move. Emerson is content to watch the dinos but i'm sure he'll get into pushing buttons soon too.