Friday, March 12, 2010

I noticed that I have not had any bathtime pictures up for a long time. Aly and Emer usually play really well together in the bath. They take turns dumping water over eachother and love to lay side by side and pretend to be sea animals or they are swimming to rescue an animal in trouble.  You know that some bath time pics will pop up on a wedding slideshow somewhere down the road and they'll want to kill me. But Alyssa and Emerson if you ever read this when you're older, its my job :) To take endless pictures of you to capture pieces of your childhood that fly by way to quickly and to show you that even in the beginning you two were buddies. Something that I hope continues all your life, you'll have your differences for sure but I wish for you both to have a lifelong friendship that always overcomes all the sibling drama.

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