Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas morning began for us just after 5am.  Alyssa woke up to discover Santa had been to our house while we were all sleeping and had filled up our stockings.  I decided this year to hang our stockings on our doors since we don't have a fireplace. I'm thinking that we may have been able to get Aly to sleep in a little if she hasn't seen the full stockings so maybe next year we'll have to come up with another plan.
After waking us up she proceeded into her brother's room and Emerson slowly rolled out of bed with his eyes barely able to stay open.  He spotted his bouncy horse from Uncle, Auntie and Kieran and insisted it come downstairs with him. We opened stockings, gifts and then did some colouring in new colouring books and played our new game Hoopla (made by the same people who do Cranium but geared to little kids- lots of fun!) and then we had pancakes for breakfast.  By then it was 8am and Travis and I were so ready to go back to bed! 

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