Monday, January 11, 2010

Alyssa's first dance class. She's taking the pre dance 3yr old class at Dance Explosions where one of my oldest friends Lori Goods teaches.  She got her dance outfit and ballet shoes for Christmas.

Giving a little twirl.

She loved her first class, there are 9 little girls in class and there is an insane amount of cuteness watching all those little girl dancing around in pink.  Lori had them stand up and give a twirl when their name was called which they all that was great because they all clapped for each other every time. They learned a little dance called the number 4 dance where they did each movement 4 times and counted out the beats each time. They did this dance while standing in a line watching themselves in the mirror. Aly was so adorable, she was very serious and doing what she was suppose to but would see herself in the mirror and then get a huge smile and then get serious again :) Lori had them skip around and pretend to be fairies spreading magic, put them in pairs and had them sashe across the room and make a bridge, march around like they were in a parade and make a pretend pizza. Alyssa now wants dance class to be everyday.

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Kaley Williams said...

She is a perfect little ballerina! Absolutely perfect!