Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday January 19th 8:30am Olympic Torch Relay through the Olympic Oval.
I took Alyssa, Emerson and our friend Aidan and met up with Nana, Grandpa Jack and Auntie Becca.

We all had a great time being decked out in Olylmpic gear and cheering for our Canadian Speed Skating team. I stamped the kids and my face with a red maple leaf- just another way you can use rubber stamps. Mom was wearing her jacket from Torino '06 when she volunteered, Jack was wearing his '88 jacket and Becca was wearing Jack's Olympic jacket from Lake Placid in 1980!
I love the Olympics and I'm so excited for them to start.  Travis and I usually leave the t.v on all the time and go between the stations so we can catch as many events as possible. Having them in Vancouver this year is awesome!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Alyssa's first dance class. She's taking the pre dance 3yr old class at Dance Explosions where one of my oldest friends Lori Goods teaches.  She got her dance outfit and ballet shoes for Christmas.

Giving a little twirl.

She loved her first class, there are 9 little girls in class and there is an insane amount of cuteness watching all those little girl dancing around in pink.  Lori had them stand up and give a twirl when their name was called which they all that was great because they all clapped for each other every time. They learned a little dance called the number 4 dance where they did each movement 4 times and counted out the beats each time. They did this dance while standing in a line watching themselves in the mirror. Aly was so adorable, she was very serious and doing what she was suppose to but would see herself in the mirror and then get a huge smile and then get serious again :) Lori had them skip around and pretend to be fairies spreading magic, put them in pairs and had them sashe across the room and make a bridge, march around like they were in a parade and make a pretend pizza. Alyssa now wants dance class to be everyday.

December 31st 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Emerson!
We started off the day with some chocolate chip pancakes which has become a birthday tradition.  You were so excited to see balloons tied to your and Aly's chair in the morning. You wouldn't let them stay on the chair you had to hold at least one all morning.

Your new train table from Daddy, Mommy and Alyssa. You love it! We organized the basement a bit and put down some foam mats so it won't be so cold and set up the table so you have good space to play in.

We played in the basement for a few hours and you couldn't get enough of your train. Its pretty cool with sensors on a few of the tracks to make train noises and light up the bridge.

Emerson, its been a lot of fun watching you these past two years.  You are very independent and like to do everything yourself.  You are so busy and curious and attempt to climb everything! You LOVE music, you ask daily to sit at the piano and play "kinkle, kinkle" (Twinkle little star) your other favorrite songs are Wheels on the Bus, ABCs and Jingle Bells.  You usually sleep with a musical instrument most often your "drum" which is a tamborine and a set of drumsticks and you need to have at least a car or two, a tool- your favorite being your hammer and "Bear" (your Polar Bear you made at Build-a-Bear) and a Mickey Mouse stuffie from Santa. Last but not least are the books, your favorite a peek-a-boo cloth book, and the series of Brown Bear by Eric Carl.  Right now you love to count everything and can count to 5 really well and you know all your numbers to 10 but not always in order :)
Emerson love, you have made our family complete and Daddy and I love you with all our hearts. You are a joy to be around everyday and Alyssa and you make each day exciting, full of laughter and challenges. I know this next year will fly by and you will grow in incredible leaps and bounds and I hope you have as much fun as we have with you. Lots of Love!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Emerson caught a cold just after Christmas and was really snotty and coughing so he didn't sleep well.  A few nights in a row he woke up and hung out for some Daddy Son bonding time while playing NHL on Xbox.  Emerson was so cute "Dada, Hockey!" they high five each other when they score a goal :)

Boxing Day we hung out at home while the kids tried to get back to normal.  It always takes several days for all the excitement and crazy energy to pass. We had a bunch of fun outside playing in the huge snowpile that is still in our backyard.  The kids didn't last long as they were getting tired but Travis and I seriously considered putting them down for a nap and then heading back out to enjoy the beautiful weather and maybe have a snowball fight.  Instead we cleaned... sometime it sucks being a grown up.  We're looking forward to more time outside and taking the kids sledding on nice days.