Saturday, December 12, 2009

December came so quickly, being away in November threw us off and it took awhile to get back to normal. The first week of December we slowly started bringing out Christmas decorations, movies, books etc. On Dec.6th we set up our tree and the kids were really good helpers putting ornaments on the tree.
With all the snow and cold weather Teagan and Alyssa have had to really bundle up to play outside. I let them go outside when the smaller kids are having nap time because a few of them are just too small to handle the weather conditions.
That Friday of the really big snowfall and insane road conditions it took Travis 7hrs to get home from work. He got stuck and had to abandon the car for several hours and hang out at his boss' house. This pic is of Emerson watching Travis dig us and the vehicles out, he literally opened the door and had to start digging we had such big snowdrifts in front of our house from the wind. The kids climber in the back was completely covered!
Our dancing penguins and snowman.
Alyssa's Christmas artwork from preschool.
Our snowman wreath on the front door speckled with blowing snow makes it really feel like winter and Christmas.
Knee deep snow.
Couldn't see out the playroom windows.
Santa on the inside of our door.

Our advent calendar that the kids take turns opening. Each box has a wooden ornament that gets hung on the trees behind. The snowglobe plays Santa Claus is coming to town and the music on the piano is We Wish You A Merry Christmas. I've been learning to play that one and Jingle bells because those are a couple of the songs Aly's singing at her Christmas concert next week.

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Emma Wilcox said...

Aren't you happy that you came back from your vacation! Cute vacation pics too, reminds me of all the vacations I had with my folks to Greece and Spain when I was little.