Tuesday, November 03, 2009

In anticipation of the Halloween (the BEST holiday) Travis and I took the kids to Butterfield Acres for their annual Pumpkin Hunt. This was the first yr we went and had a lot of fun. It was chilly out and Emerson was a bit grumpy from not sleeping well but was distracted with the hunt and finding his own pumpkin and then by all the animals. Aly had a great time the entire time!

Around the farm we saw the pig, horses, sheep, goats and bunny rabbits.

This crazy little goat was standing on this tree stump over 4 feet off the ground, just hanging out. Reminds me of Emerson- haha.
Aly decorating her pumpkin with seeds and cotton. It didn't stay on which was ok because we ended up carving it before Halloween.

While waiting for the pumpkin hunt to start we were playing at the playground. Emerson thought this different swing was great!

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