Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween is my favorite! This year the Emerson was a chicken (thank-you Nicoll's!) and Alyssa wanted to be a butterfly. Did a bit of Trick-or-Treating with them before it started to get dark so that we could go to a few of the scary houses on our block when the kids could still see well. They really liked them in the day light but once it got dark they ran past them on the way home. After I took the kids Travis and Neenee took Aly out for a bit longer. We had more kids than last year which was good.
We finished the evening with Travis going to his friend Kevin's Stag and my friend Carol came over to watch a movie with me (Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past- hilarious!)

The awesome pumpkins were all carved by Travis. Spider, Bat, Mickey Mouse and Scary Face.
I have pics in the dark which i'll post once I download them.

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