Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 5

Day 5: Wednesday November 11th
Beautiful Sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean, I was sitting on the deck of our walkout.

The first time we saw one of these Mongoose Alyssa said "Mommy! there are otters here!"
Being silly at breakfast.
Emerson trying to copy his big sis.
The restaurants are all open so we had quite a good time bird watching. There were always a few flying around and the kids enjoyed keeping an eye out, spotting them and inviting them to come closer to have breakfast with us.
Rainbow Room Restaurant and courtyard leading to the pool.
The main pool we spent our time in.
Travis the kids and I along with Allan, Simon and Stephen took a taxi down into the town of Saint John's from 9-12 to take a look around and do a little shopping.
The cruise ships in port.
Aly checking out diamonds :)
Stephen, Simon and Allan.

The kids playing their steel drums.

Allan trying on Stephen's Rasta hat.
Alyssa clapping at all the boys for wearing the hat.
Emerson was a good sport and wore the Rasta hat for some pics.
Emerson trying to give Stephen thumbs up but he still does his pointer fingers. haha.
Views from Cocoa Beach restaurant

Alyssa and Emerson waiting to go to Saint John's and me trying to get them to sit and let me take a picture :)
After Saint John's we had lunch at Cocoa's Restaurant and I took the kids for a nap. After we played in the main pool and then had dinner at the Dockside. Emerson had been a complete grouch at dinner so I took him back first and Travis followed with Aly after she was done dessert. In our room Emerson decided to try and climb the set of drawers bringing the entire thing down breaking the lamp and smashing a glass, E was fine just scared. It was a crappy end to a good day- Travis and I went to sleep early too so we could get a fresh start for the next day.

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