Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 3 & 4

Day 3: Monday November 9th
This morning Travis was feeling much better and joined us for breakfast at the Rainbow room. Afterwards we headed to Mamora beach for some beach combing and swimming. Mamora beach is situated in a bay so the water is very calm which was great for the kids but there is no breeze like Cocoa so it can get very hot. This morning was perfect because it was overcast and we had a nice enjoyable temperature.

Alyssa wrote her name in the sand but wouldn't let me take a picture of it.

It began to rain so we headed in to play in our room and then the kids had a long nap and slept through lunch. I took them to the grill on Mamora beach for some hotdogs and then we headed back to Cocoa beach to play and Travis and I did some snorkeling with Kevin. I'm not as comfortable as they are so I didn't go out as far but I still got to see lots of different fish. Cocoa beach was the best to snorkel because the water off of Mamora was too murkey.

Emerson with a mouth full of sand. Too crabs "hugging"
The waterfall pool which the kids thought was so cool but it was too cool to swim in for them.

After the beach and checking out the pools we decided to spend time at the main pool by the Rainbow room restaurant. Alyssa and Emerson love to swim and we're really glad we put them in swim classes before we came, they were really comfortable in the Ocean and pool.
Aly trying to swim away.
Cooling off in the Pool.

Emerson spent the majority of the time kicking the beach ball into the pool.
Alyssa was very helpful bringing Travis and I our daquiris so we could enjoy a bevi during our swim time.
Dinner that night was at the fancy Piccolo Mondo restaurant and I tried to get Aly's hair into ringlets. She was very patient while I put in the Spoodles but did not want her hair to be dried with the blowdrier so we couldn't get the curl.
Emerson looking handsome in his gecko shirt.
Alyssa in her pretty yellow dress, we ended up just clipping her hair back.
Our little family at dinner.
Graham and Travis
Carol and Tyler
Travis, Stephen, Allan, Simon, Kevin, Graham, Joanna, Carol,
Tyler, Alyssa, Me and Emerson
Tyler and Travis
Up close Travis and his rockin' Moustache- all the boys grew one till before the wedding.
Alyssa and Uncle Al.
Emerson saying "cheese" with a mouth full of carrots :)
The food was good but dinner was slow because there were so many of us. The kids slept- Emerson right on me and we pushed two chairs together for Aly to take a nap on. Aly went and sat down by Simon and Graham and had some icecream for dessert. The kids were restless sleepers all night.

Day 4: Tuesday November 10th
We had planned to go on a boat cruise touring the Island and do some snorkeling. Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs, we headed down to Jolly Harbour anyway in hopes that it would let up and we'd be able to go but it didn't so we headed back to the resort.

We had some lunch and played in our room and watched some TV and the kids napped. After the nap it had stopped raining and we played on Cocoa beach until sunset collecting more shells and running away from waves. We had dinner at the Dockside restaurant and everyone slept well that night.

Can you believe I didn't take any pictures- GASP! Don't worry I made up for it in the days to come.

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