Sunday, November 15, 2009

Antigua Trip Day 1 & 2

Day 1: Saturday November 7th
Not too much to say about the first day since it was mainly all travel. Our flight left Calgary at 00:25 the kids did quite well. Emerson made a bit of a fuss while he was trying to stretch out while sleeping (he didn't have a seat and sat on me and Travis occasionally) We arrived in Toronto at 6am and had a 4hr layover that went by fairly quickly, the kids played and had snacks. Emerson was horsing around, fell and got stuck in between a couple of seats and ended up with a big bruise on his cheek and a little goose egg on the side of his head.
The second flight was better and both Aly and Emer slept well. We had to exit our plane right on the runway which both of the kids liked because we got to see our plane and several others up close. Customs took a while but we had some banana bread to snack on and the kids were happy to be able to move around so they were well behaved. We had a tonne of bags and we brought the wagon down too so they stuffed us into a van/taxi and we were off. Travis and I are very glad that we did not rent a vehicle or bring the kid's car seats along as the taxi did not have any seatbelts, they drive like maniacs, there are no speed limits posted, minimal street signs so unless your a local you'd have no clue as to where you were going. Antigua roads are small, the size of one of our lanes is two way traffic- scary! I admit that I was white knuckled most of the drive, and very happy when we finally arrived after a half hour.
By the time we got to our resort it was all ready dark out, had a quick dinner and then to our room to, at first we were disappointed that we were no where near anyone else. Our room was in the Pinapple complex on the opposite end of everyone but we were pleasantly surprised to find that we had a walkout right onto the beach! They had put in a cot and a crib too, which was a nice thought even though Emer hasn't been in a crib for over 6 months (he's so big now) Our bathroom was huge and the tub would have fit all of us in it, we never ended up testing that out- way too hot for a bath and just so much quicker to shower with the kids. The kids and I got settled, read some stories and went to sleep.
Travis went out drinking with the gang and was delivered in the wee hours of the morning....there's more to that story and it will be told again and again over the years with our friends, its one of THOSE kind of stories :)
Day 2: Sunday November 8th
The kids had a very good sleep, they woke up a bit disoriented but in great moods so we set out for breakfast and to explore the resort. We let Travis sleep in until just before lunch time.

We were very lucky to have been upgraded and our hotel room walked out right to Cocoa beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Aly got her haircut on the Friday before we left. I think it looks so cute! Here she is still a bit sleepy and stunned to see the beach and ocean in front of her.

Emerson wasn't too sure about the waves at first.
Emerson and Alyssa's first time at the Ocean.

Cocoa Beach

Emerson loved throwing the sand and seaweed into the water. He has sand Everywhere!

Hunting for treasures. Our kids loved the cool rocks and seashells.
The beautiful flowers.

Emerson being silly at lunch.
Tree lizard below.
Mamora beach. The other beach on the west side of the resort had a beautiful bay of calm water and fine sand but had the tendancy to get extreamly hot because it lacked the breeze like Cocoa beach always had.
After a great day exploring the beaches and swimming in the ocean we headed to Shirley Heights. We listened to the Steel drum band play and watched the sunset, which would have been spectacular but hindered by all the clouds. The views were still beautiful and the I loved seeing the starry sky after dark.
The band was great and Aly and Emers danced along. We didn't get to stay late enough for the Reggae band which was too bad because some of the guys stayed and said it was good.

After getting back from Shirley Heights we had dinner at the Dockside restaurant and listened to Kevin's dad Paul tell stories (he's a great story teller and so adorable!) Emerson slept during dinner so didn't want to sleep when Travis and Aly called it a night so Emer and I went back the Dockside to sit around and chat with our friends some more. Once they headed to Karoke night I took Emers back to our room for the night.


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The pictures of the kids looking out at the ocean....scrapworthy my friend! LOVE THEM!

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