Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 8

Saturday November 14th
After breakfast we played in the pool one last time and then had to pack up all our gear and check-out. While we waited for our taxi to the airport the kids played hide and seek and Alyssa accidentaly pulled her brother into a tree but he wasn't hurt much.

Our plane taking us away from Antigua. We had such a fantastic vacation and it was hard to leave but we were looking forward to being home. The kids did excellent on both plane trips home and slept most of the time. Nana and Grandpa Jack picked us up and we were home just after 1am, the kids crashed just after 3am.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 7

Friday November 13th
Last full day in Antigua. Like usual after breakfast we hung out on the beach. We went swimming a bit but there were some jellyfish in the morning and then a tonne of jellies in the afternoon and evening. Travis attempted to do some snorkling but decided against it after seeing some jellyfish as big as his head!

Our room from the beach.
The Pinapple block of rooms.

Brown Pelican fishing in the Ocean. It was awesome to see it flying around overhead and then diving straight into the water, we could see it throw its head back to swallow the fish.

The kids burying my feet in sand.
Running on the beach.
Building sandcastles.

Cute little feet.
Jellyfish washing up on the beach.

Seaweed moustaches :)

Aly pretending to sleep at dinner.
Friday night was Travis' night to put the kids to bed so I could hangout with our friends. Carol and I have a few drinks together and had a great time :)
Some of the gang: Tyler, Carol, Joanna, Simon, Graham, Allan, Me and Leah.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 6

Thursday November 12th- Happy Birthday Travis!
After breakfast we headed to Mamora beach and took the kids kayaking.

Thanks to Tyler who took pics of us out on the water.

We really enjoyed our time on the beaches the resort was very quiet and uncrowded it was wonderful!


Kevin and Joanna's wedding happened on Thursday afternoon and the weather was sunny, a bit breezy just beautiful. The gazebo they got married in was overlooking the ocean and covered in fresh cut flowers, it was lovely.
Please excuse the order of the photos for some reason it wouldn't put them in the order I wanted and I didn't want to fight with it so enjoy :)
The kids and I went to Joanna's room to take some pictures of Joanna getting ready.

Alyssa LOVED her flower girl basket. Its a hand woven basket from palm leaves.

Getting ready to walk down the aisle.
The dashing and adorable ring bearer who is giving me the eyebrow raise, what a spitting image of Travis!

Here comes the bride.
Such a great picture of Travis and Alyssa together.
The gang at dinner. Travis, Alyssa, Simon, Graham, Tyler, Carol, Emerson and I. Missing from the photo is Allan who took our pic.

Emerson pulling the flowers off of the aisle decor being so gentle and then smashing, tearing and stomping on them. What a boy!
All the ladies.
\The boys: Tyler, Simon, Allan, Stephen, Kevin, Graham and Travis.
Mr and Mrs d'Abadie.
Aly, Carol and I.

Emerson was exhausted and really grumpy so I had to take him back to our room before the dancing started. He loves balloons so we had to bring a couple back and he held onto them until he fell asleep.

It was a wonderful wedding and Travis and I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends to share these moments with.