Friday, September 18, 2009

I really like this picture of Emerson and Alyssa all ready for the hike.
We hiked the Galatea trail towards Lillian lake. There are 8 bridges and numerous little waterfalls. It is a specatcular hike, not too difficult and really beautiful.

Taking a break at the half way mark we stopped for some snacks and the kids couldn't resist throwing rocks in the stream.

Travis had to carry the dog across a couple of brides and rocky sections.
We came across quite a few other hikers on this trail, we would recommend getting to the trail head early in the morning as the parking lot fills up very fast! Most of the other hikers commented on how nice it was for the kids to have rides (aka pack horses) one gentleman was chuckling and said he had been complaining about the small bag he had been carrying and had better shut up about it since we clearly carried much heavier loads and continued to laugh. We don't think he heard because we were a little ways down from him but Aly goes "NOT FUNNY!"
Travis and I have been saying that to her when she laughs at her brother when he's doing something he is not suppose to in hopes that it will keep him from repeating it, it has yet to work. Alyssa has taken that and turned it into her own little 3yr old ism coated thickly with attitude!

We didn't make it all the way to Lillian lake which was too bad because we heard it was a very nice spot. Next time we do this hike we'll start out earlier in the day so we have enough time to get all the way up spend some time at the lake and make our way back before evening.
After our hike we drove to Banff where we went for dinner at the Magpie and Stump. Their gluten free Mexican food is great! We also found these super cute hats for the kids. A grape for Aly and a monkey for Emerson.
Aly: Hey Daddy, lick my head.
Travis: What?! No.
Aly: Please Daddy (bats eyelashes) Pleeease lick my head!
Travis: (laughing) No.
Aly disolves into giggles too.

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Carley said...

hahahah OMG! those hats are awesome and that convo is hilarious!!!! Your pictures are beautiful, If I could only get my hubby out of the man cave I'd love to take a hike out there!!!