Friday, September 18, 2009

Another trip to the zoo. This day we went with my friend Carley and her kids Olivia and Carter. Since Carley has gone back to work after being off on mat leave we haven't got to visit as often and the girls have been missing each other. Aly has asked to go and pick up the kids from their day home and bring them to us but they are WAY down south that's why they don't come here :)
This day we got to see many animals we've never seen before. In the Canadian wilds first thing in the morning 9am it was breakfast time, technically dinner for the skunks because they're nocturnal and headed to bed soon after they ate. It was really fun to watch them run and play and eat they are so cute and cuddley looking.

Alyssa, Olivia, Emerson and Carter watching the skunks. Its funny they ended up in a birth order line just by chance.

Aly and Liv talking about all the things they see.
Porcupine breakfast.
Baby Reindeer.
Aly and Liv deciding which animals they wanted to visit next.
Watching the otters together.

The Swift fox that we've never seen in all the times we've been to the zoo before.

Aly and Liv riding the bear. The boys were napping at this point, next time it'll be their turn for a pic together.

There were quite a few interpretive tables set up. We saw one about bears and this one about the African animals.

It was a great day hanging out at the zoo with Carley and the kids.

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