Friday, August 14, 2009

More pics of the zoo, we go at least once a month as i'm sure you can tell :) I had forgotten our passes so when we went to the ticket counter to get them to give us temporary ones for the day they also gave us a map. Aly was delighted! She was our navigator that day and decided which animals we would go and see. I had to assist her since she wanted us to go to the tigers, then to the hippos then to the elephants (all opposite ends of the zoo) and in the end since we were going by certain animals anyway she let us stop and visit them :)
I am so taking it back. I said I would NEVER be one of those parents that put their kid on a leash. I remember the ones that were leather and a full harness like you put on a dog, I could not fathom have to do that. That is until I had Emerson. I have started going grey since I had this kid, so not joking. Alyssa was a timid shy little one, she still is for the most part and wouldn't dream of getting more then a few feet away from you. E on the other hand is Mr. Social Butterfly and all "Hi!" to everyone he sees and will actually follow other people if he deems them interesting enough. Add to that the fact he climbs everything and is a total danger to himself and others because you never know what he will try and JUMP off of. It is seriously crazy. So I put my kid on a leash, so what, its a cute little monkey backpack with long tail I hang on to and it keeps him ALIVE! You may think i'm exaggerating but I'm not, for real. He tries to climb the rails here on the zoo bridge, he also thinks its really fun to dangle his feet or put his toes over the edge of something regardless of the height.

We call him the Mischief Maker and for a good reason- see above.
I think these info signs they have along the bridge are really cool. You can see how big a Blue Whale is, how long the wingspan of an Albatrose is- really cool. And Alyssa is starting to be interested in what everything says and what it means.

Not a great picture but its the first time we've ever seen the aligators out of the water in the rainforest.

Our first trip into Dinosaur Park. Aly said we couldn't call it a park because there were no slides and swings so she called it Dinosaur land.
Checking out all the signs and touching the fossils.

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