Friday, August 14, 2009

Later in the day Aly was happy to play outside when it wasn't as hot outside.
Emerson loves palying in the water table and would be in it all the time regardless of the weather. He likes to drink the water- ugh. and then gives the rest to the dog. E thinks its hysterical when she jumps and runs and bites at the water.

Our buddies Will and Aidan.

Will and Aidan brought this great ball that shoots out water, they had so much fun in it. My kids weren't into playing with it, they don't really like the sprinkler either- totally weird right?! I think it may just be their age, give them another couple of years and I won't be able to keep them out of it.

The hot weather takes a toll on my girl and she is not impressed at me trying to take pics.

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