Monday, August 31, 2009

At the beginning of August Travis and I took the entire week of so that we could take the kids camping and hiking out in the moutains. Unfortunately it rained almost the whole week! Most of the showers were scattered out where we wanted to go but still that would be too much rain for the little ones. Instead I took the kids out to Canmore to visit Nana, Papa and Auntie Becca while they were out at a friend's place for the week.

Once we got out to Canmore the weather was very nice, sunny and just a bit of wind. We all went for a walk around Quarry Lake. The kids had a blast throwing rocks into the water. Emerson is sporting his monkey backpack again, his idea of fun is to run full speed to the very edge of the water :)

While dinner was being made Nana and Aly got out Candy Land to play for the first time together. I never had this when I was younger and a few of you family and friends have gasped in shock. Its a fun game and easy for Aly to understand and play.

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