Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday was our last day in Waterton and we had another good one.
Aly and Emer on another little adventure around the campsite.
Alyssa helping make pancakes for breakfast.
Emerson got a hold of Travis' fire stick.
He decided to start throwing it and only once clubbed himself.

Cameron Lake
On the way to Cameron Lake Emerson fell asleep so I stayed in the van with him while Trav and Aly went for a walk by the lake. Aly brought along her doodlepad so she could write down all the things they saw so she could tell me later.

Took both the kids for a little hike to Akamina lake, right by Cameron Lake. It was an easy hike and the kids walked most of it by themselves on the way back to the van.

E with Daddy's hat.
Such a silly boy! Him and Alyssa laughed hysterically while he did this.

Our final bear spotting of the trip but this one was the best. Mama with cubs! There were a lot of very stupid tourists getting out of their vehicles and walking in the trees around this area on purpose. Alyssa was a bit worried that the bear would bite them and then went on to tell us how they were wild animals and we had to give them lots of space. We had a talk about wild and pet animals after she wanted to get out and pet the fawns we saw. So you think she'll listen to Travis and I's advice this well when she gets older?You can kind of see the two, one brown at her front leg and one black at her back leg.

I couldn't help but take a bunch of pictures because they were so cute! I love that I have 12x zoom on my camera. One day i'll have an SLR and a better zoom lens- those bear pictures will be like cuddling right up with them!

After our hikes and bear siting we headed back to the campsite to start dinner where we discovered that Alyssa's leg was in bad shape. She had a mosquito bite that she had scratched and her lower leg was swollen, red and hard! She hadn't complained about it and said it didn't hurt at all but we knew we had to get it checked out anyway.
There is no medical clinic or hospital in Waterton but they do have a mobile EMS unit that will come and see you for no charge (that's what your park fees can do for you!) and they didn't think it looked like a mosquito bite and might be something else so they told us to head to Cardston which was only 20 min away. We got in right away and didn't have to wait long to see the doc who drew around the rash to track it. He was pretty sure that some antibiotics would clean it up but said if it got worse she'd need them intravenously so he gave us some meds for Aly to take and gave us a prescription for more.
I told Travis that I thought we should consider going home that night, if things didn't get better I would rather take Aly in to the Children's hospital here- was I over reacting? should we stay the night and just go home in the morning like we were planning? Travis (the bestest hubby that he is) said he knew me and I wouldn't sleep at all being worried and checking on Aly all the time and then being cranky the next day it was best to pack up and head home that night.
We stopped into Waterton townsite before heading back to the campsite and Travis picked up these hockey sticks that we had seen the other day. Aly and Emerson had a hockey game with pinecones while we packed up. Emerson especially loves it but you have to keep an eye on him as he is prone to high sticking which tends to be more dangerous for himself than others :)
Road looking back towards Crandell campground where we stayed.
Last picture of the mountains as we headed out of Waterton.

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