Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stampede Breakfast on Saturday morning in Coventry where Nana and Auntie Becca were helping the kids take pony rides. Aly was so excited, Emerson wasn't in the mood.

Sunday July 12th- Last day of the Stampede

First up was the Super Dogs and Alyssa and Emerson had a great time watching and cheering on the dogs as they raced around. On our way in to the grounds Aly had seen the carousel in the kids section and begged to be able to go on it., I really didn't think she'd be into the rides, last year she was really scared of the loud noise that they made when we took her to Calaway Park. Alyssa is hilarious, once we got out of the Super Dog show we went over to the rides and she looked around and said "I want to go on THAT! and THAT!" She pointed to all the biggest and scariest rides- haha.

Alyssa is 35 inches high- did you know that it is technically too short to go on the little rides by herself. However, all the big scary rides she can ride with me- we did the rollercoaster, tugboat, submarine and farris wheel but she couldn't go by herself on the motorcycles or the little swings. It seems completely ridiculous! Above are pics of the one ride that one of the attendants let her on, she said the others would probably let her on but NO! they wouldn't because she was an inch too short. Can you believe that a 2yr old that is taller than her would be allowed to go on but at 3 1/2 she couldn't?! Alyssa was a good sport about it and because she loved going on the biggest scariest rides there she was ok with it :)

Auntie Becca reminded me when she was young and my brothers and I wanted to get her onto the rollercoaster at Calaway and she was a couple of inches too short- we stuffed her shoes full of napkins to raise her up. I so would have done that for Aly but she was wearing sandles ;)

I just had to take the kids on the bumble bees because I have pics and memories from riding the bees when I was young! Emerson was not into the ride until it was almost over- I think next year he'll be much more excited and possibly tall enough to ride everything on his own because he is much taller than Aly was at his age.

There is Mom and Emerson at the bottom right.

Aly loved all the rides. We spun around, went up and down and had a great time!

Emerson was exhausted with the heat and all the walking.

Mom got us into the rodeo so we could watch the finals.

Lastly we went and watched the pig races. One of the pigs gave birth to a litter on the first day so this little guy was only 10 days old.

In total we spent 8 hrs at the Stampede- I honestly thought we'd only make it 2 or 3 but they each had a nap in the stroller during the afternoon so it all worked out. I am really looking forward to next year- they are going to be a riot!

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