Thursday, July 09, 2009

Road Trip!
Our holidays got off to an early start, we decided to go down to Pincher Creek on Friday night so that we could swim in the pool and have a place to get ready before our friend's wedding on Saturday afternoon. We had to pack for the wedding and camping so the van was very full!

Aly doing some serious consideration about her drawing. She has just started to draw people and faces in the last couple of weeks, its very cute and I enjoy watching the changes in her technique.

Emerson is a fairly good traveller, and was able to stay entertained on the drive down. Even though the kids didn't nap on the way down they were so excited once we got to the hotel that they didn't get to sleep until almost 11! It did work out alright though because they slept in until almost 8am :)

I take many pictures of the sky like this. I find it so peaceful and serene with the light coming down inbetween the clouds. It reminds me of how I see the energy and light I work with when I do healing work.
Pincher Creek and the surrounding area is really beautiful with lots of hills, river/creeks, and trees. I always say to Travis its too bad that our jobs don't allow for us to live in a small town with beautiful places like this.

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