Thursday, July 09, 2009

Crystal & Greg's Wedding was wonderful. They got married on Greg's parent's farm, the same place that Greg proposed. The weather was hot, the ceremony was short and sweet and the reception was a blast.

Crystal looked stunning and couldn't keep the huge smile off of her face :) Her dress was gorgeous! Simple and elegant and beautiful.

Alyssa danced all night. Her favorite dance move is still the twirl/spin and she even did the chicken dance while spinning.
Our karate friends all have boys! Aly is the lone girl and chose to be off by herself dancing but Emerson loved to be around the boys as much as possible. Who can blame him, they are loads of fun! Will and Aidan, Keenan and Declan and Tatum were great entertainment with all their energy and unique and innovative dance moves.
Emersmon was a machine and did not go to sleep until we got back to the hotel. He was so cute and took a real liking to a group of 3 older girls he was standing near them on the dance floor (they were doing this one dance were it tells you a whole bunch of instructions that are made up of different dance moves) anyway he became enamoured and stayed close to them during the song, followed them back to their table once it was over and then back again for another dance. It was so cute!
Alyssa finally fell asleep around 10pm in my arms while I was on the dance floor dancing with some friends.
Aidan and Keenan :)

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