Thursday, July 09, 2009

After the wedding in Pincher Creek we went down to Waterton National Park to camp for a few days. In Crandell campground we found a great site E7, it was huge! Even with our ginormous tent there was still enough space for another tent. This was perfect for the kids to run and explore the forest, we had sites on either side but nothing behind us for quite a bit which was perfect.

Alyssa and Emerson spent a good deal of their time exporing and discovering treasures (acorns and all shapes and sizes of rocks)

Pointing to all the birds he sees.

Emerson is Daddy's shadow and tries to copy him in everything. Here he is trying to balance two sticks on eachother. Travis had been stacking a couple of logs so he could chop wood.
Frustrated that they won't stack like Daddy's.
They have really interesting programs in the evening and we attempted to take the kids. The Naturalist had elk antlers for them to feel. She was going to cancel the program because her computer program wasn't working but Travis took a look at it and fixed :) Unfortunately we didn't get to stay for the whole thing (which was about all the animals in the park and how they travel between the borders of Canada and the US's Glacier National Park) 'cause the kids just wanted to run around and scream in auditorium because it echoed. I was really disappointed because the next night they had a Native storyteller that was telling stories, legends and native culture and dance. We didn't want to take the kids and have them interrupt and ruin it for the others.

This part of the antler that Alyssa is touching was chewed on by a squirrel.

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