Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pictures of our first camping trip :) We went out for one night to Two Jack Lake to get the kids use to tenting so that we can go more often this summer. In July we're going to a friend's wedding in Pincher Creek and then we think we'll go down to Waterton National Park to camp.
Alyssa roasting marshmellows. She had fun but I think she likes to just eat them so they're not gooey and hard to hold.
Emerson had a difficult time falling asleep, he cried a lot! Then after an hour he woke up and would not go back to sleep. We took turns driving him around to see if we could get him back to sleep with NO luck, so we let him stay up until Aly was complaining she was so so so tired and wanted to go to bed in the tent. You Aly is done in when she' s practically begging to go to bed.

The kids loved having all the space to run around and explore, they found lots of treasure (rocks) and put their collections in their chairs. Emerson was especially in love with all the dirt. He would bend down with his hands and fingers spread apart and make circles in the dirt- think wax on, wax off.

This guy was so close to us along with a few more and I'm so happy that he turned his head towards me, they must be so use to tourists that they are happy to pose for pictures.

Went for a hike at Lake Minnewanka.

Our tent is huge! It sleeps 5 but has another 6 feet of space underneath the fly at the front which was perfect for the dog to sleep in. The kids had a good run around inside before we started packing all the gear in.

Our campsite at Two Jack Lake in Loop 26 #G

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kieran turned 1! We went over to celebrate :)

Dax and Kieran's feet making footprints in water.

A random day of silliness.

What's a boy to do when the only thing in the front yard is Mommy's fake flowers? Play in the mud puddle with them of course!I have these bright daisies out front that i've had since the first day of spring, I just needed some colour around to make it seem like there was an end to this winter. Emerson pulled them out of the flower bed and decided to play with them in the puddle around the tree that Travis had been watering.
He fell in and his diaper soaked up a lot of water! He was pretty muddy by the end but he had so much fun! He is a boy through and through!

All dressed up and ready to go to Aidan's birthday party.

Aidan is a really good friend to Emerson and Alyssa.

Emerson was intrigued by Aidan's scooter.
I had to post these separately because they're so funny. This was at Aly's bday party as well but towards the end when the sugar from the cupcakes and sprinkles had kicked in. Alyssa, Olivia and Teagan would hide in the tunnels and pull them down in hopes of a sneak grass attack each other. They all had fun screaming and giggling and trimming the grass :)

Aly playing dead. Then she'd jump up and scream pull down Liv's tunnel and get her with grass.

Such a great shot!