Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This trip was back in the middle of April. We went first thing in the morning to see the koalas because we heard it was the best time to see them active. Active is a major over statement, they do nothing, I mean NOTHING! At least we got to see them awake and looking around, the one koala was celebrating his 5th birthday but Aly was in no mood to celebrate by putting on a party hat the zoo keepers had she wanted to go and see the other animals....

This is where we get to the BEST part of the story and the beginning of what will be many more embarassing stories for me to share about my kids and the conversations that come from inquisitive children.
So, we're at the elephants and Aly is talking about how the baby being sick and no longer being there. She's not even 3 so the concept of death is quite beyond her but anyway to the good part. Alyssa is watching all the elephants and the Daddy elephant is inside this morning, he starts to pee. Alyssa's eyes get really big- I was waiting for her to say something
Aly "Mama, is that the Mommy elephant"
Me "No"
Aly " that's the DADDY elephant?!" (it was a question and a statement all in one)
Me "Yes"
Aly "Girls have bagina's and boys have penises"
(she can't say the letter v)
Me "Yes, that's right"
Aly "that's a big penis"
Me "the daddy elephant is really big"
I know its good to teach your kids the correct anatomical name for things but seriously I KNOW I won't do well in keeping a straight face when more of these talks come up.
Watching the rays.

Red Panada's are so cute!
Got a great pic of the tiger.
Its hard to see but that little black and white splotch is the new baby monkey that is in with the gorillas. His mom was keeping a close eye on him as he was trying out his mad jumping skills. For being so little he sure gives 'er.
It started to snow so Emerson got all cozied up in the stroller and went to sleep.
Aly's got a thing for snowy owls because of Harry Potter.
Monkey Mom and baby again. He was really busy jumping around until his Mom figured he'd had enough and she swiped him out of the air mid jump, she was fast!
Aly and Daddy watching the monkey's and gorilla's.

Emerson thought the snake was cool, he kept pointing at it and then looking at me like this.

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Carley said...

OMG! That convo you had with Aly was SO funny! You're the best mom ever!