Saturday, May 30, 2009

Birthday Girl! Had to dig into some gifts first thing in the morning. We spread it out over the day :) Then we had pancakes which Alyssa insisted had to have chocolate chips in them because Aly's best friend Teagan had them on her birthday.

We spent Alyssa's birthday at the zoo, Grandpa Ken joined us for a couple of hours too.

The lions were up and moving around quite a bit which almost never happens when we're there so we stayed and watched for a while. The male lion was making quite a bit of noise and then two of the females started to answer him and while Aly thought it was cool, Emerson got quite upset and needed to be held and wanted nothing more to do with them.

Stopping for a snack.

Alyssa watching and listening to the presentation on the pancake tortoise. She isn't allowed to touch the reptiles yet (they prefer kids to be over 5 before they touch) I think that is why she has her hands wrapped around herself, she wanted to pet it so bad.
An updated picture of the baby Gibbon monkey. Last time he was a lot more white and even though he's still small he has definately grown and before even more of an acrobat.
We had been watching the gorillas which were right infront of Alyssa playing around, I couldn't get any pictures because unfortunately Emerson is scared of them too and I had to hold him facing away from them.

Wild dogs sunbathing.
The birthday girl showing off her shirt.

The wallaby taking in some rays.
This thankfully is a decent picture, this obviously male wallaby found it to be such a lovely day and figured with so many people watching he could be an exhibitionist and have a "good time" with himself. I am NOT kidding. Thankfully he abstained while Aly was lifted up and watched them. Seriously, the zoo is going to have weird memories for my kids- I can see many "birds & the bees" conversations sprouting from the trips we take there.

Alyssa calls these "Mamingos"

I love that the peacocks walk around freely at the zoo. They are such pretty birds. Last year we saw a few with their tail feathers all up and spread out and the mommies running around with the babies. So cute!

Even the snow lepoard was out! This was such a treat I haven't seen one in over a year. It always seems to be hiding, which is too bad because they are so beautiful.

These bears were having a few words with each other and one actually growled and took a swipe at the other.

Black bears above, Grizzly bear below

Moose having a cool drink, it was a perfect day out.
A family of ducks with ducklings. We watched them for quite a while. The ducklings were adorable and looked fluffy and cuddley- Aly wanted to take one home.

Cool Eagle pic eh?! Reminds me of the United States Eagle image they use.

The baby mountain goats playing chase with one another- super cute!

The three otters were wrestling in the water.

White tailed deer.

After the zoo we went to the gluten free restaurant for an early dinner. It was a great way to spend Alyssa's birthday together as a family. I hope that we continue to be able to take off our kid's birthdays to celebrate it all together.

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