Thursday, April 09, 2009

On Sunday Aly and I left Daddy (who was sick) and Emerson at home and met up with Auntie Kyla, Uncle Dax and Kieran at Aggie days. We had a lot of fun looking at all the animals, there were so many babies and they were SO CUTE!Aly showed Kieran all the different birds they had at the Ducks Unlimited booth that did their bird call when you gave them a little squeeze.

Even Uncle Dax thought it was really cool.
Aly couldn't resist sittin' up in a saddle. She asked when we can go out to
Nana and Auntie Becca's horses to ride. I could not stop taking pictures of Kieran, he is adorable with all those funny faces and smiles!
When we first went in Alyssa didn't want to take off her shades.

Petting the baby pigs.
My camera batteries died which was brutal! We watched sheep shearing which was interesting and then goat milking. While the mother goat was milked they brought in twin kids (baby goats) that had been born just one week ago. OMG! So cute! They don't walk anywhere they kind of hop, skip and jump. I wish I would have gotten some video of it. Aly couldn't stop smiling and giggling.

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