Thursday, April 09, 2009

Having the boys come to play is so much fun! The games are so different- battles, rescues, secret missions and superpowers. The dishes became shields and the utensils were weapons. The girls didn't really understand how to "play" with weapons so we modified the animals they wanted to be into super powered animals. Above you will see Alyssa who was an armadillo (its amazing the animal knowledge she has from Diego) and her shield was her shell so she rolled into a ball when the boys came close. That however was not good enough for our game organizers, she was told she needed a power and she just gave them raspberries. I suggested that her weapon be the raspberries... Aly was a venomous armadillo and her offensive weapon was the raspberries that would stun and paraliyze her attacker for a short time. The kids thought this was brilliant and had fun playing this game for quite a time, I found them hilarious to watch and my sides soon hurt from laughing so hard! This was a great time way to spend snowy days trapped inside.

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