Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a cute face, "uh, Mom!" she says to me. One day she will want pictures taken of her again.

Alyssa and Travis had their bikes out for a test ride yesterday. Travis has plans to ride to work most days during the Spring and Summer so he got some new gear for Christmas.

The first day of Spring. We started off by putting up our Spring flag and a couple of fake flowers in the flowerbed out front to add some colour and a new wreath on the front door. The day was spent reading some books about Spring, some really cute songs about Springtime and playing outside!
Emerson just takes off down the street, we think its because that is the way we go to the park and the ravine. I think he is going to be difficult, he's sociable and has no worries about wandering. Alyssa is still very careful, she'll venture out but as soon as there is someone else she doesn't know she books it back to us.
As a big sister Aly is in full Mommy/Bossy mode. She's off to try and direct Emerson on the right way home.
If you use your imagination the above picture could almost be of Emerson on a beach. Think sandy/rocky beach, the white and blue of the ocean behind. Wishful thinking.
Ladybugs! The picture didn't turn out but I had to post it anyway. The first day of Spring and we found at least a dozen on the front lawn.
Aly's baby was hungry so she had to take some time to feed her. Its all about babies right now, she brings a baby with her everywhere we'll let her.
The weather was perfect to bring out the net and soccer ball to play on the front lawn since our backyard still has several feet of snow in it! Check out that kick, Aly loves soccer and wants to be a soccer player when she grows up :)

Out in the ravine again with the kids and puppy. This time we brought the ball for Achilles to chase, Aly and Emer took turns trying to use the thrower but they don't have the flick action to get it to go very far. Achilles was very patient with them, she's just happy to be out running around. We are loving the nice weather :)

Lots of laughs, playing in the playroom with the kids. Alyssa and Emerson have started to play more together. Their favorite game is chase, with wrestling being a close second.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just a quick note to apologize for being MIA for 2 weeks. Alyssa, Emerson and I have all been sick with head and chest colds. It stuck around longer than anticipated and put us right out of commission. This week we've all been slowly returning to normal and catching up with life again. Enjoy the cuteness of the kid posts below, I promise to take lots of pictures and jot down the hilarious adventures of them for next week :) Cheers!
Pillow Fight!
We celebrated St.Patrick's Day by wearing green, having some "gold" snacks, singing songs and dancing some jigs :) Oh and the marvelous pillow fight with our green pillows. Emerson just giggled, squealed and ran around while Alyssa and I threw pillows at one another.

Emerson in a box!
The newest discovery for this little guy is that he can climb into the toy box and throw everything out. He was very happy with himself until he trys to climb out and gets stuck.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Another attempt at some sibling pictures.