Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 days a week there is open gym time at Cardel place for kids 6 and under. We have been there a number of times but we have started to make it a weekly trip with Nana and Grandpa. Each time we go there is a different set up with all kinds of things for the kids to run, jump, climb etc.
Alyssa and Emerson have been dying for this kind of space to be free to use up their energy.
Aly says to me before we go one day.... "Mama I am going to Cardel. I will be shy then I will share and take turns and hug my friends and all the Mommy's and Daddy's will clap and say Yay Alyssa" LOL. She is so cute.

Aly has so much fun with this thing, she just launches herself over it.

Nana taking the kids for a ride on the parachute. We play with it the normal way too with all the parents holding on and the kids run underneath it and back out again. Most of the time its safe and fun for everyone but we have seen a few kids run full force into eachother when they're not looking.

Waiting her turn :)
Catching Emerson at the bottom of the slide.
Emerson and Nana. Emer doesn't like to wait he just wants to go, go, go!
Alyssa is also in love with the little trampoline.

Emerson isn't always sure what to think of all the kids running around. He's starting to get more into it and loves the things he can climb up on all by himself.

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