Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sliding off the couch.

Dancing and twirling.

I'd had enough of Alyssa complaining when she got her hair brushed and the little nests in her hair when she woke up so at the beginning of January before bath time one night I chopped it off! I took quite a bit and a week or so later her friend Teagan followed suit with a very dramatic and super cute bob.

Good Grief this child can be difficult! I wanted a nice smiling picture but I might as well give up. I just seem to get grouchy, screaming or angry evil grin.
I wanted to show off this dress because it use to be Auntie Becca's when she was around the same age. We also have an animal one and they're both completely reversable. I'm hoping they'll still fit in the summer.

A view from the back.

I'm trying to make sure I get more picture of me in front of the camera. They may not be great but at least i'll be visible on the pages of their scrapbooks.

Emerson "helping" with the laundry.

He's going to be a doctor when he grows up. Either that or he'll just like to play "doctor" Emerson carries that stethescope around all the time right now.

Making a grab for the camera 'cause as usual she doesn't want her picture taken.

Random pics from the last couple of weeks....

Aly crashing on the couch for nap time.

Emerson making a huge mess as usual while eating but giving me a great shot at all those teeth. The 3rd and 4th on the top are just barely visible but have come through very quickly.

Cute shot of Emerson wishing he could escape to play outside.

Aly hiding out of Emer's sight and playing Peek-a-boo!

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