Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Years Eve this year was awesome! Last year I was in the hospital totally drugged up asleep with Emer. Travis and Aly were in bed by 8pm. Memorable, worth it and good that we finally had E out in the world but it was painful and i'm not about to repeat that experience again.
This year was perfect, we had a few friends over and played Wii- some friendly tennis and bowling and then the board game Balderdash which got dirtier as the evening went on with some special help from Jo :)

Tyler, Travis and Kevin

Joanna, Me and Carol

Kev and Jo

Travis and I- I love this pic, Trav is actually smiling!

Tyler and Carol

Emerson knew it was his birthday and wanted to party so he stayed up late and played some Wii

Emer loves to be upside down, watch me multitask and entertain my boy and play at the same time :) He was getting tired and kind of cranky so he went to bed not too long after.

First he had to show off the mad soccer skills that he's picked up from playing with his sister. Can I brag about how both my kids are athletic and can kick a ball really well just wait until we get the sticks out for some ball hockey this summer.

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