Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sliding off the couch.

Dancing and twirling.

I'd had enough of Alyssa complaining when she got her hair brushed and the little nests in her hair when she woke up so at the beginning of January before bath time one night I chopped it off! I took quite a bit and a week or so later her friend Teagan followed suit with a very dramatic and super cute bob.

Good Grief this child can be difficult! I wanted a nice smiling picture but I might as well give up. I just seem to get grouchy, screaming or angry evil grin.
I wanted to show off this dress because it use to be Auntie Becca's when she was around the same age. We also have an animal one and they're both completely reversable. I'm hoping they'll still fit in the summer.

A view from the back.

I'm trying to make sure I get more picture of me in front of the camera. They may not be great but at least i'll be visible on the pages of their scrapbooks.

Emerson "helping" with the laundry.

He's going to be a doctor when he grows up. Either that or he'll just like to play "doctor" Emerson carries that stethescope around all the time right now.

Making a grab for the camera 'cause as usual she doesn't want her picture taken.

Random pics from the last couple of weeks....

Aly crashing on the couch for nap time.

Emerson making a huge mess as usual while eating but giving me a great shot at all those teeth. The 3rd and 4th on the top are just barely visible but have come through very quickly.

Cute shot of Emerson wishing he could escape to play outside.

Aly hiding out of Emer's sight and playing Peek-a-boo!

The second child is deprived. We did not do a big birthday celebration for Emerson in honour of his big first year. With the holidays and everything it would have been very difficult so next year we'll plan a party in late January. I promise to be more organized.
Enjoy some pics from family dinner with the Head's and E trying his first cupcake- YUM!

Cheers! Here's to another great year!

Kieran and Emerson hanging out during dinner

Aly and Kieran playing on the floor together laughing.

Kieran giving Aly a kiss

The birthday boy looking all grown up running around in his jeans and plaid shirt.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Years Eve this year was awesome! Last year I was in the hospital totally drugged up asleep with Emer. Travis and Aly were in bed by 8pm. Memorable, worth it and good that we finally had E out in the world but it was painful and i'm not about to repeat that experience again.
This year was perfect, we had a few friends over and played Wii- some friendly tennis and bowling and then the board game Balderdash which got dirtier as the evening went on with some special help from Jo :)

Tyler, Travis and Kevin

Joanna, Me and Carol

Kev and Jo

Travis and I- I love this pic, Trav is actually smiling!

Tyler and Carol

Emerson knew it was his birthday and wanted to party so he stayed up late and played some Wii

Emer loves to be upside down, watch me multitask and entertain my boy and play at the same time :) He was getting tired and kind of cranky so he went to bed not too long after.

First he had to show off the mad soccer skills that he's picked up from playing with his sister. Can I brag about how both my kids are athletic and can kick a ball really well just wait until we get the sticks out for some ball hockey this summer.

December 31st 2008

Emerson Marshall Head turns 1!

I can not believe that my baby boy is 1 already. I think that this year has gone by faster than any other I can remember. It may have something to do with having 2 young children and running a dayhome, plus all of the Mommy brain and no sleep may just be a factor as well. :)

I think that 2008 has been the best year of my life so far. It has been tough but also so much fun! I am so happy and blessed to have such two beautiful and energetic children, a wonderful amazing husband and fantastic family and friends.

Emerson, you certainly chose a good day to be born, there will always be a party for you to go to on your birthday. On your first birthday we spent the day hanging out at home since it was too cold to go outside to play or go out anywhere. It was just you, Aly and I- Daddy had to work for most of the day, but he had the afternoon off so we had some nice family time.

Sporting cool new Puma shoes from Uncle Al.

Many of your pictures are taken when you're in the high chair because that is one of the only times that you actually are contained in one place :) You are just as busy as Alyssa and maybe even more so because you feel the need to keep up with all of the big kids.

You can say Mama, Dadda very well although you do tend to call Daddy "Mama" sometimes and he's trying very hard to get you to say Daddy. You wave and are trying to say Hi and Bye but its still Ha and Ba. The other day you got very loud when you had no more food and starting yelling Maaaa! and signing more which right now looks like you're trying to clap but I know what you mean :) You are also saying Mmhumm, the noise people use when saying yes like Uhhuh but using the M sound. Does this make sense to anyone but me? Both Aly and I say this so I think that's where you picked it up but when you are asked if you want this or that its how you let us know or you just grab it from us. Just the other day I asked you to get a book and you said "Bu" and there are quite a few other words you're starting to try and say its very exciting.

You like to give high fives. You are very sociable and will let just about anyone hold you as long as Mommy or Daddy are nearby with the exception of Santa. You were not a fan of Santa this year! That will change next year though i'm sure.

Alyssa has two shadows because you insist in being with her almost all of the time. You are interested in everything she does, and you always have to be in the thick of it. To you, she is the funniest person alive and everything is hilarious. Lately you two have started to play together. She will pretend to be a grizzly bear or a snake and chase you around the kitchen island you try and run and giggle non stop. Aly will give you a turn chasing and when you come after her around the corner she'll scream and run you laugh and turn around to head her off the other way. Daddy and I love watching you two starting to interact more, it shows us that every year will just get to be more fun.

Arg! this is your new thing. Dumping stuff on your head, on your birthday it happened to be bananas. Do you know how hard bananas are to get out of your hair?! its like super duper hair gel. Reminded me of a movie called "Something about Mary" but you won't get that joke reference until you are much MUCH older :) Last week while we were out for dinner you spit your water out in perfect fountain form and I made the mistake of laughing. I can only imagine how good it must feel on your gums and with teething but now when you're actually finished drinking you'll spit out your milk and get a huge smile. I've stopped laughing especially when you're walking around the house with your sippy cup and soaking your shirt, the floor and the furniture.

For the most part you are a good eater, unfortunately right now you are getting the 3rd and 4th teeth at the top and you're eating habits are up and down. You seem to get your teeth two at a time which I think has made it harder for you. Sleeping through the night has become the norm which is wonderful, there was a time I thought it would never happen but you're a great sleeper now. You still take two naps a day, but I think that will come to an end soon. Your bed time is around 7pm although when Daddy isn't home you have an incredible nack to keep waking yourself and fussing until he gets home and then you spend 5-10 min with him go to bed without any problems or you'll sleep so soundly and then magically wake up when he gets home and spend a bit of time with him and then go back to bed. This wouldn't be a problem except you've kept me awake until ridiculously late hours.
We are happy that you have got the same habit as Aly and love to have a couple of books read before bed and then a couple in your crib that you'll look and play with before you fall sleep. Your favorite book for the last 4 months has been "I love you through and through" I can read that to you 2 or 3 times and its the only one you'll sit still for again and again. You also like touch and feel books the usborne "That's Not My penguin, puppy, monkey etc..." and the peek-a-boo lift the flaps are always a hit.

We have nicknamed you Trouble and mischeivous monkey because you are at the age that you are into everything and you test your boundaries and limits all the time! You climb on the picnic table everyday, i'm actually surprized you haven't gotten hurt badly yet. You mastered climbing the stairs a while ago and if we have forgotten the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs you are up there in a flash! You seem to have a sixth sense about when we leave things open- cupboard doors, baby gate, bathroom. Daddy caught you throwing your sippy cup in the toilet the other day, I can only imagine what else we'll find in there and maybe what we'll never find again once you figure out how to flush the toilet.
You are a whole lot of fun to be with and our family is now complete with you in it. We look forward to watch you grow and change and we wish for you happiness and love and endless laughter. It was a big first year and i'm sure the next one will be just as big and even more exciting for you and us, we're so glad you're here.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Nana brought over the wooden sled for us to try out on Boxing day. We took one slide down and Aly said "All done" We think she was probably scared to do it again since she her first time she was in front. The next time we have a nice day we'll take her out and put her in between us, then she might enjoy it more. We might also go by the school where there are really little hills and she could go by herself on a the little sled.