Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis the season to be crafty! Aly was so happy to make snowflakes out of beads and pipecleaners and even more impressed when I showed her how to add cord onto it so she could hang it on the Christmas tree.

Alyssa doesn't say "I did it" she says "I made it!" whenever she does something on her own. I love all her little sayings and special phrases she has, cracks us right up.
Some of her favorites we hear quite often "Holy Cow!" "Oh my goodness/or gosh" "Ugh! Mooom! I can do that" "I'm suppose to do that" this last one is said when she is doing something she is not allowed to do and Trav or I ask her if she's suppose to be doing that. She use to say No and then stop, now oozing 2 yr old attitude she says "Yes, I'm suppose to do that/this" Good Grief!

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