Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone! This will probably be the last post of the year. Things are busy but are sure to be even busier as the week progresses. When we're back we'll be several pounds heavier from all the delicious holiday dinners and treats, our children will be thoroughly spoiled, Emerson will be 1 year old and we'll be starting a whole new year. Exciting times! I hope you and yours all have a safe and joyous holiday season. Hugs and lots of love from us to you!

Aly eating the marshmellows above. Aly testing the snow (icing sugar) below.
Daddy saying the marshmellow need to go on the roof. And No, you can not eat a bite and then put the rest on the roof. We had to give her a few marshmellow, M & M's and hersey kisses so she would stop eating all of the decorating supplies.
Ta da! Our very first gluten free ginger bread house. We bought a kit from a Tasty Menu restaurant but we'll make our own next year. The gingerbread we had was good but our friends who also bought one had problems with theirs and the candy they included wasn't all that little kid friendly for Alyssa so we had to substitute most out. But it was fun to do together and we know for next year :)

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