Sunday, December 21, 2008

I had to post this picture of cutie Emerson trying to help Aly and I with the dishes. You will be seeing this pic again when I can unearth the picture of Travis at almost the exact same age, in the exact same situation. Look for it in the New Year. If I happen to forget- and that's always a possibility, send me an email and i'll get right on it :)

I really wanted to get some Christmas cards made this year but honestly I did not have the energy or the time I needed to get gifts and cards made. Gifts won out, so if you are one of the lucky recipents of a handmade gift be know that it was a labour of love. Hopefully next year i'll start a little earlier and the rest of you can have a cute Christmas card with a picture of my adorable rugrats inside :) Here are the pictures from trying to wrangle my kids into smiling nicely for the camera and the would be xmas cards.

This one is a little blury but one of my favorite, I love they're both so happy and those little feet are so cute I just want to nibble on them.

I love that they are starting to have fun with eachother. In Emerson's eyes Aly is the funniest person around. Emer is beginning to be more of a playmate than just the baby who couldn't do anything and then the little brother who got into her stuff. Tonight before bed they played upstairs and chased eachother around giggling and screaming. It makes me smile to see that development and even though I am a bit sad at how fast they are growing i'm very excited to see their relationship growing and changing into what I hope will be a lifelong friendship.

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