Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Going so fast on the sled that she fell out a couple of times Daddy did a U turn on the front lawn.
Snow wrestling.

Good sled ride. "Faster Daddy, Faster!"
Emerson began to get cold and tired so I had to take him in. Look out the window and you can see Alyssa trying to give Travis a ride on the little sled. hehe.
Travis throwing snowballs for Achilles to chase, then at Aly and I.

A close up of grouchy. HAHA. She really felt that it was interfearing with her snow time to have to sit down and look at the camera.
Our neighbour was out and offered to take a picture of all of us together. Aly is pouting because she didn't want her pic taken- so what else is new?!
Alyssa learning that snow is harder to run through. The resistance stopped her in her tracks and she almost landed face first.

She made up for her earlier actions by taking Emerson on a ride in the little sled.

We had a ton of fun in all the snow that fell the first weekend of December. The plan was to have dinner with some family but the snow was coming down in buckets and the roads weren't great so it was cancelled. Instead the four of us bundled up and went out to enjoy some play time in the snow.
Aly took advantage of the fact her brother was unable to move and laughed as she tipped him over . Emer was less than impressed, that girl is on borrowed time pushin' him around. He'll be bigger than her soon and it will be all over for her. Next winter my money is on Emer giving Aly the first face wash of the season.

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