Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve was hosted by Dax and Kyla. We headed over in the afternoon to hang out and let the cousins spend some time together when they were all in a good mood :) It is awesome that they are so close in age. Next year is going to be insane with all of them running around.

Alyssa had to help the boys open their presents " 'cause they're just learnin' " she says.

Kieran enjoying the wrapping paper as much as the toys inside
Kieran is so cute! I love that he poses for the camera now. Its much easier to take his picture when he's staying still and smiling, unlike my two hooligans. Aly still isn't that into pics of her and Emer just wants to run around and get into everything he isn't allowed to.
The boys hanging out together on the floor.

Emerson's top gums are still bothering him and the 3rd and 4th top teeth are still just hanging below the surface. Hopefully they'll break through soon and give the poor guy some relief.
We had a fantastic afternoon and evening celebrating, the kids were great and got spoiled. I'll add more pictures once I get them later on.

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