Sunday, December 28, 2008

Alyssa and Emerson having their Christmas morning pancakes. Yum!
The little tow truck that goes with the garage. Emerson is all about cars, trucks and noise! He is such a boy!

We had to take Emerson's pj's off him, since they're a bit big he kept getting tripped up.
Emerson pushing around his new dump truck.
Alyssa wouldn't open her stocking until she got to open Achilles' stocking to see what Santa brought.

Aly's been talking about camping a lot, we usually go once a day on a little camping adventure. This little people set has a car, 2 girls, tent trailer, cooler, fishing rod, 2 camp chairs and a little campfire. There are fun sounds too! Music, an owl hooting, frog croacking, crickets chirping and the campfire crackling. Makes me think of summer and going out to the mountains to tent with the kids next year.

Christmas morning began at 6:00am! Aly was so excited to see the presents under the tree and Santa had set up the little people camping tent trailer and garage for her and Emerson to play with.

Christmas morning and afternoon we hung out and played with a bunch of the new toys the kids had received. That evening Nana, Grandpa Jack, Nini, Auntie Becca, Uncle Chad, Auntie Melissa, Uncle Peter and Harry all came over to celebrate and share a delicious turkey dinner. It was crowded and busy and crazy but a fantastic day!

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