Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aly all bundled up in her winter gear. We didn't have boots yet, so her runners worked well enough. It was snowing while we played outside but that didn't stop the kids.

Perfect snowman making weather.

Aly putting snow on her brother. When I asked her if it was a good idea she said "yes, I'm suppose to do that" That's her answer a lot right now.

This was Emerson's first real experience with snow. He was such a tiny baby we didn't take him out much last winter. Emers was stuffed in his little suit and it was clear from the popping buttons everytime he moved that he was definately in need of something bigger. So I picked up new gear for him and it hasn't been snowy or cold enough for him to use it. I'm sure that will change soon, I think him and Aly making snow angels will be so cute!

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