Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aly all bundled up in her winter gear. We didn't have boots yet, so her runners worked well enough. It was snowing while we played outside but that didn't stop the kids.

Perfect snowman making weather.

Aly putting snow on her brother. When I asked her if it was a good idea she said "yes, I'm suppose to do that" That's her answer a lot right now.

This was Emerson's first real experience with snow. He was such a tiny baby we didn't take him out much last winter. Emers was stuffed in his little suit and it was clear from the popping buttons everytime he moved that he was definately in need of something bigger. So I picked up new gear for him and it hasn't been snowy or cold enough for him to use it. I'm sure that will change soon, I think him and Aly making snow angels will be so cute!
Ah, siblings. The fun is beginning with the two of them. Most of the time they get along really well, as long as Emerson isn't trying to touch anything of Aly's haha.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Huge smiles after a very fruitful trick-or-treating outing. Aly took a while to get into things. The first couple of houses we went to were of neighbours we knew and Alyssa tried sharing her treats but she soon realized that people were going to give her treats. After a few more houses she figured out not only did she get treats, she could yell "trick-or-treat" since we were outside. Best of all she said Thank-you to everyone! Aly even worked up to going to the "too 'cary" houses by the end. She had a blast! And so did we :) Her entourage included Trav and I, Emerson, Nini, Grandpa Ken, and then Nana and Auntie Becca met up with us.

Emerson the turtle in front of our friendly ghosts.

Trav and I with the cutest ladybug and turtle ever!

A very cute shot of her outfit when we first found it. I had originally planned on making it, was thinking of just a cape and hood that would work in case of any weather but this was so perfect and a good price so really how could I resist. Plus those ladybug wings can be used again for dress-up :)

The little turtle was a very good sport about getting all dressed up. Next year is going to be so much fun with the two of them!

Alyssa and Eden having their first sleepover. While Travis was out of town Auntie Melissa and Eden came over.

We set up Eden's tent and the girls watched "The Lion King", had popcorn and ran around until almost 10!

They are both 2 1/2, very independent and full of energy! They had a lot of fun together and Aly and look forward to more playdates and sleepovers with Auntie Melissa and Eden.

More pictures from the afternoon at the zoo. I had to put them in a seperate post because it was the two kiddos playing in the fall leaves. The weather was beautiful and the leaves covered everywhere, it was gorgeous. I think this will always be my favorite season.

Emerson testing the taste of the leaves and Aly trying to throw them up in the air.

Kissing leaves.

We went to the zoo in early October. This is the newest gorilla. I'm not sure on the spelling of her name but it means "the mother has returned" in honor of the previous female gorillas that have passed away in recent years.
We had fun watching her explore outside in the grasses.

Newest baby giraffe named Shirley (I think)

All the giraffes together before they sent Richard to the Toronto Zoo.

Whooping Crane

We went through the Candian wilds which we really don't go in often enough. It was a perfect fall day to see the animals. Aly loved seeing this moose, she kept talking about the book "if you give a moose a muffin" i've read it often enough I was able to tell her the whole story by memory.

The 3 otters are so cute! They are endlessly playful and Aly had fun running between the windows to chase and watch them all.

Aly has a thing for owls. She makes me turn on Harry Potter so she can see Harry get his owl Hedwig. No, I do not let her watch the entire movie, its way beyond her but I'll do just about anything to encourage her love of all animals. This guy was right in front of us, I've never seen the owls so close or awake during the day.

Mountain goats just hanging out. There were a couple of babies but they were hard to spot among the adults. We did catch one jumping around as we were leaving but I didn't get my camera out again quick enough.

The huge porcupine!