Thursday, September 11, 2008

I use to bath Emer and Aly together but Emerson has discovered he loves to kick his feet and splash. He splashes so much I have to pull the shower curtain 3/4 of the way across the tub so I don't get soaked.

Emer can also sit up on his own now in the tub, perfect for playing with toys and reading some water friendly stories.

Seriously my baby is growing so much he's a total boy! Aly barely fit on this when she was 1! As Travis says "there's hope for him yet!"

Look how proud he is of himself. In the last week Emer has began to pull himself up on the couch and the kid's picnic table. He wants to walk so badly, I keep telling him to take his time but his father keeps encouraging this- but he doesn't have to deal with E all day once he starts taking headers into the floor and other furniture. I have enough on my plate right now- haha.

This picture turned out so perfect! I took this just yesterday around 5 after we came back from a huge walk with the dog. Emerson and the rest of the kids in the day home have had colds. He was up and down all night and just miserable all day and didn't nap until we went on the walk- you can see just a hint of his smile behind the soother.

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