Thursday, September 11, 2008

Check out the wonderful green space by our house. Its not technically an off leash area but most people do including us.

There is a nice pathway all along the ridge, the kids like to watch the planes and trains go by.

Achilles is good with the kids and she keeps an eye on everyone as we scatter into the ravine to look for gopher/rabbit/mice holes and whatever other animals we come across.

The double stroller we have is perfect for all kinds of terrain. I have the youngest kids in it and the older ones get to explore. Aly is still small enough that when she gets tired on the way home I can sit her on the top tray and she can get a ride.

Bunny had to be in her mouth so that she could have her hands free to touch all the grasses and flowers she came across.

I like this pic of her. She has been fighting me so much about pictures i'm glad I was able to capture this.

Great shot of Achilles. She can be a hard one to get a good shot of too because she is always on the move.

Aly very serious in her adventure to find some animals.

Achilles is a blue heeler and naturally herds us. Thankfully she does not try and nip our heels but she will run to each of us and circle behind us like she's trying to get us all together. I like watching her when we're out like this with the kids. It makes me chuckle how instinctual it is, and it gives her good excersize because we're never all in a tight knit group so she's always "working".

Aly and Achilles with their tounges out. hehe.

Running to see something.

Aly and her friend Vanessa discussing what animal most likely lived in that hole.

Then they pretended to be that animal, and then their stuffies got in on the make believe to and poked thier heads out of the hole and hid in amongst the grass.

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