Saturday, September 20, 2008

Alyssa usually screams No! when i'm trying to take pictures but this time she was a bit more polite. I kept getting her to say No nicely so that I could get her talking more because that little voice is so cute! "No, No pictures, No picture camera, No!"

Big things happening in the Head household....

Aly is potty trained! We started strongly encouraging her at the end of August and found that she was even more cooperative with the incentive of chocolate milk with a snack after her nap if she had been going on the potty that day. She has now been free of accidents for over a week! Aly has been awesome- with the exception of one day where she thought it would be fun to torture me, not tell me she had an accident and then let me find her dancing & splashing in her puddle of pee. She's lucky she had been so good up till that point and that she's cute as a button or I may have throttled her! Now she just yells "Pee!" and heads for the bathroom. I am so happy
to be done diapers with her. 1 down, 1 to go.

Mr. Emerson is on a sippy cup full time. I am a little sad about it, since he is my last and time just seems to get away from me. But i'm happy because i'm not being used as a teething ring!
He has also decided to follow in the footsteps of his sister and walk early. E pulls himself up on everything right now and hasn't quite figured out that he can't walk until he's more balanced, so he sees something and just starts trying to go towards it in his upright position. Poor kid, he's taken many faceplants into the floor, carpet, toys- blame Travis and Grandpa Ken for telling him he has to start walking.

These are some pictures of us outside on one of our walks. The early evening has been just beautiful and is the perfect temperature to go exploring.

Alyssa prefers to look through her binoculars backwards. Its pretty funny, like grover from Sesame Street... "Near..... Far..... Near.... Far..."

My very happy boy. He is so content, except when eating. Now that he can eat some things on his own like cheerios he insists on having something in his hand while you feed him. If he's upset he screetches, you'd be amazed such a small kid could make such a noise. Our little veloco rapture. Travis and I are reminded of Aly at this age, these two kids are so similiar in some ways and so different in others.

We discovered a nest in one of the trees this day.

Aly thought it was so cool we found a nest and that it was a bird's house. She was disappointed that we didn't get to see who lived there. She pretended to "take a picture all by meself" so she could remember to tell Daddy about it when he got home.

I couldn't pass up taking a couple of pics of the leaves turning colours. I LOVE the fall. It is the very best season, crisp cool weather I'm happy this time of year is finally here.

It seems so often that our lives are filled with just the kids but Travis and I have been busy with things too.
Travis is training for the Worlds in karate. The competition is coming up during the long weekend of October in Toronto. Travis will be competing in individual and team kumite. Aly, Emer and I will be staying home, but i'll make sure I get pictures and post them later in October.
Nothing quite as exciting happening with me, but I've started piano lessons. I needed a night out of the house and some mental stimulation, and I've been saying for ages that I wanted to learn how to play. Its going well and i'm having fun. The kids get a kick out of my practicing and they like to make up songs to go with it. Right now i'm working on O'Canada and the Star Spangled Banner plus a few classical pieces. I plan on getting a nursery rhyme book so that I can play more for the kids.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I finally got around to trying the video setting on my camera. I love to hear kids laugh, its the best sound in the world. It is just so infectious, you can not help but join in.

Go ahead, have a little giggle today with my kids.

Check out the wonderful green space by our house. Its not technically an off leash area but most people do including us.

There is a nice pathway all along the ridge, the kids like to watch the planes and trains go by.

Achilles is good with the kids and she keeps an eye on everyone as we scatter into the ravine to look for gopher/rabbit/mice holes and whatever other animals we come across.

The double stroller we have is perfect for all kinds of terrain. I have the youngest kids in it and the older ones get to explore. Aly is still small enough that when she gets tired on the way home I can sit her on the top tray and she can get a ride.

Bunny had to be in her mouth so that she could have her hands free to touch all the grasses and flowers she came across.

I like this pic of her. She has been fighting me so much about pictures i'm glad I was able to capture this.

Great shot of Achilles. She can be a hard one to get a good shot of too because she is always on the move.

Aly very serious in her adventure to find some animals.

Achilles is a blue heeler and naturally herds us. Thankfully she does not try and nip our heels but she will run to each of us and circle behind us like she's trying to get us all together. I like watching her when we're out like this with the kids. It makes me chuckle how instinctual it is, and it gives her good excersize because we're never all in a tight knit group so she's always "working".

Aly and Achilles with their tounges out. hehe.

Running to see something.

Aly and her friend Vanessa discussing what animal most likely lived in that hole.

Then they pretended to be that animal, and then their stuffies got in on the make believe to and poked thier heads out of the hole and hid in amongst the grass.

This was so cool, on our walk yesterday we saw 3 hawks who were guarding the gopher they had killed. I didn't tell the kids that, just warned that with any kind of wild life we can watch them but we have to give them their space.

Alyssa's bunny is still her most special animal. After she learned about animals that carry their babies in pouches she started putting bunny in her shirt. It is so cute and sweet I hope we're able to save the bunny so she can have it when she's older, not much chance- bunny is already looking very well loved.

I use to bath Emer and Aly together but Emerson has discovered he loves to kick his feet and splash. He splashes so much I have to pull the shower curtain 3/4 of the way across the tub so I don't get soaked.

Emer can also sit up on his own now in the tub, perfect for playing with toys and reading some water friendly stories.

Seriously my baby is growing so much he's a total boy! Aly barely fit on this when she was 1! As Travis says "there's hope for him yet!"

Look how proud he is of himself. In the last week Emer has began to pull himself up on the couch and the kid's picnic table. He wants to walk so badly, I keep telling him to take his time but his father keeps encouraging this- but he doesn't have to deal with E all day once he starts taking headers into the floor and other furniture. I have enough on my plate right now- haha.

This picture turned out so perfect! I took this just yesterday around 5 after we came back from a huge walk with the dog. Emerson and the rest of the kids in the day home have had colds. He was up and down all night and just miserable all day and didn't nap until we went on the walk- you can see just a hint of his smile behind the soother.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An afternoon at the park.

A couple of weeks ago we had a play date over at Carrie's. Alyssa, Olivia, Emerson, Danika, Nicholas and Carter. It was a full house!

The amazing flying Danika!

Aly in the yard one evening driving her diego quad around.