Thursday, August 21, 2008

We took some holidays the last week of July this year to head out to B.C.

Emer and Aly all packed up.

Alyssa is a very good traveller, she did really well reading and entertaining herself.

Emerson did well too, it helps to have Aly next to him. He is usually watching her :)

This pic of him I took by just reaching around the seat and click! I love that I got up close with his eyes, they're hard to describe. Greenish with the blue still ringing the outer edge.

There was a special surprise for Aly in the van, some new videos to watch! Dora, the Backyardigans and Wonderpets.

Stop off in Revelstoke for some dinner. Fresh buns we made before we left that morning, honey ham and some fruits and veggies YUM!

Emerson exploring the grass.

My boy, so happy to be out of the car seat and able to crawl and roll around.

First day on the beach. Both Aly and Emer have peapods- these tents that fold up into small circles and are super light weight and oh so handy! We brought E's to the beach everyday so he could be shaded from the sun and have a nap when he needed.

Aly getting pushed back and forth between Trav and I.

The weather was nice but not hot enough to spend much time in the water.

This is one of my favorite pics that i've taken on vacation.

It was a pretty good holiday. We had lots of fun on the beach building sandcastles. Grandpa Ken came out to meet us and we had a nice visit with Auntie Diane, Uncle Randy, Tonya and some very good beach time.
The only kink in our time away was vehicle troubles in Revelstoke where we were stranded for a night. All was well and we made it home safely thanks to Uncle Randy and Auntie Diane lending us their car :)
The last two pics make me laugh- my kids on Saturday morning after being in Revelstoke... do you think they are sick of travelling? haha. It was a very good trip home and we only stopped once in Golden. We were all very happy to be home and thankfully we had the week after off as well so we spent some great times together just hanging out. More pics to come.....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

All about Emerson.... He's almost 8 months old. Is finally starting to sleep through the night 9pm-4/5 am Woohoo! He sits up all on his own and army crawls on his belly quite fast. He is into everything! He's cut his two bottom teeth in the last two weeks. He's eating solids and loves everything so far. He hates the excersaucer because he just wants to be down crawling everywhere. Overall he is just a really happy easy going guy.