Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alyssa with Auntie Melissa's niece Eden. Although Eden is a month older she's like a head taller, little Aly makes up for it in energy- haha.

Ring around the Rosy, Pockets full of Posies.....

Out to the park across the street to run off some of that access energy.

Huggin' it out.

Aly hitting me, she did ask politely for no more pictures- a couple of times- so I had it coming.

I took Alyssa and Emerson to Calaway Park for the first time. We used it as a test to see if we could take her to the stampede for rides..... ya, not so much. LOL! Maybe next year when she's a bit bigger and the loud rides don't scare her as much.

The Merry-Go-Round was by far the best ride for her. It was hard to get un-blurry pics but I tried.

Afternoon rest.

Emerson was content to hang out in the stroller for the most part, he is so relaxed and just likes to watch everyone and everything.

Uncle Chad won a penguin for Aly, who ended up riding with Emerson all over the park.

I love this picture, it makes me laugh at how casual Aly is. The boats were another ride that she enjoyed.

All the kids together, the only ones missing were Emerson and Mackayla who are still too young.

Cara, Alyssa, Chloe and Christopher.

Aly splashed in all the puddles she could find after the downpour of rain in the afternoon.

Grandma Karen and Penguin getting a ride from Alyssa and I.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Aly showing her Calgary Stampedeing Spirit. We decided not to take her this year, she's scared of the rides because most of them are really loud so we'll hold out till next year.
The pink cowboy boots came from Grandma Karen and Grandpa Bob.

There is something about a cowboy hat that just ups the sexy!
Seriously- YUM.

It makes me wish he wasn't allergic to horses and could spend some more time riding.

Last Saturday we went to a Stampede breakfast at the Ranchlands community center so we could watch Nini dance with her group. We missed out on the gluten free breaky elsewhere but we had fun listening to the music and watching the dancing.

Random pics of my kids. Emer is getting so close to crawling, Aly likes to cheer him on :)

Pretending to take pictures with her camera

"Mama! you far away!"

"ooooh Mama close!"
LOL! you are so funny :)

Our very cool new double stroller for the kids. The best feature is that it folds up well enough to fit inside the trunk of our civic! We are looking forward to taking the kids out to kananaskis and Banff for some family walks.