Monday, June 30, 2008

With the great weather Travis and I had a few friends over for a BBQ and the first backyard fire in the pit to kick off summer, and celebrate our 5th year being married. Good friends and good food = Great times!
Kevin, Graham, Travis and Simon relaxing with some cigars and Travis' home made red wine.
Wow! 5 years married, and 2 kids later its been full of great memories. I can only hope the next 5 are just as great (before our kids hit the teenage years-hehe)

Chattin' it up with Auntie Carol

Tell Uncle Al the fire needed "1 more steek" and then kept trying to added "just 1 more!"

We let Aly stay up until she crashed, which was around 11pm she was in a great mood the majority of the night and loved being able to hang out with all of us without having to share attention with Emerson.

Aly became very smitten with Kev when he let her help him look after the fire.

Blowing on the fire to coax it up.

Aly in her Minnie Mouse camp chair enjoying being with the gang.

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