Friday, June 27, 2008

The card Aly made for Travis for Father's Day while we let Daddy have a bit of a sleep in. Alyssa was singing "Happy Father's Day" to Travis like "Happy Birthday" it was very sweet. She still will run up to Travis when he gets home some days from work and say it. It was the first time I've allowed Aly to use my stamps- we had a bunch of fun!

My Mom did this with us when we were smaller in cards for family and friends. I think it is such a cute way to see the progress year to year with their little hands.

Emerson's surprized face when I popped out from behind the camera and said "Boo!"

He thinks I am so funny!

His Bis Sis on the other hand hates the camera right now and just shouts NO! at me when I try and get her picture.

So you'll be seeing a lot of Emerson since he isn't sick of me having the camera out and in his face. And he's just SO CUTE how can I not?!

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Anonymous said...

I think he looks more like mommy here...he is so much like his sister!!! LOVE ME