Monday, June 30, 2008

With the great weather Travis and I had a few friends over for a BBQ and the first backyard fire in the pit to kick off summer, and celebrate our 5th year being married. Good friends and good food = Great times!
Kevin, Graham, Travis and Simon relaxing with some cigars and Travis' home made red wine.
Wow! 5 years married, and 2 kids later its been full of great memories. I can only hope the next 5 are just as great (before our kids hit the teenage years-hehe)

Chattin' it up with Auntie Carol

Tell Uncle Al the fire needed "1 more steek" and then kept trying to added "just 1 more!"

We let Aly stay up until she crashed, which was around 11pm she was in a great mood the majority of the night and loved being able to hang out with all of us without having to share attention with Emerson.

Aly became very smitten with Kev when he let her help him look after the fire.

Blowing on the fire to coax it up.

Aly in her Minnie Mouse camp chair enjoying being with the gang.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Alyssa at 2...

You call yourself Anya. A name you've used for yourself for almost a year now. Nicknames for others you've come up with by yourself... Teagan is Teady, Vanessa is Yaya and Grandma Eileen is NiNi.

You are in LOVE with Franklin the Turtle books. Auntie Becca gave you some of hers from when she was little and you have to have at least one read to you every night but they all have to be beside you when you go to sleep. You'll even count them to make sure they're all there.
Some other favorite books are Red is Best (thanks Great Auntie Diane for that recommendation!), Llama Llama Red Pajama, Scaredy Squirrel, If I were a Lion, Miss Spider's Tea Party, and just about anything Diego and Dora and fact books on animals- you like to read those yourself before wanting to be tucked in for the night.

Your stalling tactics for bedtime are increasingly infuriating and hilarious... first you need to read on your own. Then you'll call and ask to be tucked in with your blanket. Then we might get a call for more water, or a stuffed animal may need to be tucked in beside you. And of course the all out scream and cry for one of us (most often only Mommy will do) when upon opening the door we are greeted with a sweet smile and a request for a cuddle or lay with me please!

You are learning quickly about your emotions. Happy, sad, and scared you can identify easily. Right now loud noises like big trucks, lawn mowers and our annoying neighbours across the way with the ridiculous base in their car that can be heard when they turn onto our street are all things that make you cover your ears and freak out!

Cute Alyese words....
Thank-you- Bah da It sounds so cute when you thank us for something. "Bahda Daddy!"
Yellow- "Eh Yo"
Excuse Me- "ShuShu Me"
Really- Ribby. This is always said twice. "Anya Ribby Ribby Hungry Mama!"

Other Aly favorites...
Go! Diego Go!- you love this show and all the books & toys associated with Diego because you enjoy animals so much. Maybe you will be a veternarian, or a zookeeper or some kind of conservationist.
You enjoy Dora the Explorer but this little adventurer always takes second place to Diego.
Tinkerbell- we decorated your room before you were born with some faeries stenciled at the top because your energy just felt faery/pixi-ish. Earthy and other wordly.
We found Tinkerbell wall decals a few months ago and Grandma Karen found Tinkerbell and her faerie friends that are all sparkly. You have Tinkerbell bedding, fleecy blanket, a doll, backpack and the attitude to go with it :)

You run everywhere, something you've done since you figured out you can travel upright. Many days just watching you is exhausting :) Your Gemini qualities of duality are accentuated, things are at the most high or the most low. This brings with it the potential for many melt downs during the day when you don't get your way you drop to the floor dramatically and wail. They can stop as equally fast, we can ask you to take a deep breath and use your words so we can help you with what you want.
Most of the time we can understand you very well, your sentences of 3-5 words are great but now that you are trying to give us the running commentary and explanations of things you've done or are planning to do it can become overwhelming and you get frustrated we don't understand. You look at us like "Hello! I am speaking English!"

You know all your colours, you have for more than a few months now. You like to name the colours you see on your toys and you are learning to distinguish shades of dark and light. Purple is your favorite colour right now, we made purple icing for your birthday cupcakes and you licked the icing Daddy gave you and said "Mmmmm Purple!"

You've been counting to 10 for a while now, and you do well except when you're being funny and will skip over or go to 9 and then start over at 2. You like to use your ever blossoming sense of humour and tell us things that are wrong and when we ask you if that's right you laugh and say "Noooo!"

For your birthday Daddy and I bought you the alphabet from leapfrog. You place a letter in the square and when you press it there is a song saying the letter and the sound or sounds it makes. It also plays the ABC song which you LOVE! You started learning your letters by playing with Daddy's keyboard. How appropriate! You know A- Aly, E- Emerson, D- Daddy, M- Mommy and P- Puppy. You associate your letters with people or animals that you know and you have fun searching for ones that we ask you to find.

Potty training is coming along. Some days you are all about sitting on the potty and do very well, others there is no way you are even considering sitting on the potty! We're not pushing it too much since you get so happy and excited proclaiming yourself a big girl on the good days that we don't want to squash the enthusiasm. I really think that there are some days you forget you can go on the potty because you are just so busy!

Some of my favorite memories right now are listening to you and Daddy play when i'm not in the room. You both have so much fun with each other and I love listening to you try to tell Daddy about your day or tell him you missed him. "Miss my Daddy, miss my own Daddy"
"OOoooh DADDY! Booboo" and then you get out your doctor kit to give him an "Oper-A-tion"

You've became really bossy once you hit two, probably because your vocabulary is so much more extensive. "Daddy, Lay down! Mommy Stay. Go to sleep. Haa shoo Haa shoo"
Daddy says that it is going to sound like the Gilmore Girls more and more between you and I as you get older. I think its a compliment- Daddy doesn't mean it quite like that though- the Mother & Daughter characters on this show drive your Daddy crazy because they talk so fast and cover a very large range of topics much like the conversations with my own friends :) Daddy often asks me if I ever take a breath. Haha- he thinks he's very funny!
You also insist on doing things in a particular way. When I pointed out to your Daddy that there are indeed "right" ways to do things he retorted with "we'll see how you feel about when you and her both know the 'right way' to do something and butt heads over it" Haha. Too true!

Alyssa you are a sweet, challenging, lovely child who brings joy to everyone who meets you. It is not uncommon for people to stop and try and chat you up wherever we go. Most of the time you are shy and need time to warm up to people, but once you do your smile lights up the room! You are entertaining and we think really funny.

There are days that I can not wait for the end of the "terrible twos" but most of the time I can step back and remember that this will end and I don't want to miss this time to treasure you in this stage because I have fun and laugh with you and your brother and Daddy every day and the stories and memories I have will come back to haunt you at a wedding reception toast or when you yourself become a mother a LONG way down the road in the future.

We love you Cheeky Monkey!
Emerson and cousin Rowan who is 10 days older than him.

The card Aly made for Travis for Father's Day while we let Daddy have a bit of a sleep in. Alyssa was singing "Happy Father's Day" to Travis like "Happy Birthday" it was very sweet. She still will run up to Travis when he gets home some days from work and say it. It was the first time I've allowed Aly to use my stamps- we had a bunch of fun!

My Mom did this with us when we were smaller in cards for family and friends. I think it is such a cute way to see the progress year to year with their little hands.

Emerson's surprized face when I popped out from behind the camera and said "Boo!"

He thinks I am so funny!

His Bis Sis on the other hand hates the camera right now and just shouts NO! at me when I try and get her picture.

So you'll be seeing a lot of Emerson since he isn't sick of me having the camera out and in his face. And he's just SO CUTE how can I not?!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Travis first went to Montreal in May for a few days to stay with our friends Kenji and Vanja before the Nationals in Quebec City. Here are some pics from his days of walking and touring around.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Travis' time in Quebec City for the Nationals May long weekend.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Emerson is mainly surrounded by girls and while he's a happy little guy he lights up even more when his buddies Will and Aidan come over.

I love this one, it looks like he's in deep in thought about something him and Aidan are talking about.