Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Travis headed off to Montreal and Quebec City this last week. He comes back later tonight and once I go through the few hundreds of pictures he's taken i'll do some posts on his trip out East and the Karate competition.

I tried to keep the kids and I as busy as possible during the week so that we wouldn't miss Travis so much.

Monday we dropped Travis off at the airport at 5:30am, went home for some breakfast and then headed out to Walmart to get some summer hats for Aly and then to Costco for food. After lunch was an afternoon nap for Alyssa, one of the day home kids was here for a few hours and then we went to Grandma Karen's and Grandpa Bob's for dinner.

Aly has started drinking from a big girl cup and loves fruit smoothies. I make them with frozen and fresh fruit, yogurt, and orange and cranberry juice. She thinks it is so funny when she gets a messy face :)

Tuesday we had day home kids so we were at home all day playing. That evening Nana, Grandpa Jack and Auntie Becca came over for dinner and a visit.

Wednesday was a very busy day. We met up with Nini (Aly's nickname for Grandma Eileen) at the zoo. It was a beautiful day to be at the zoo, the animals were all out and the kids were in a great mood. More zoo pics to come in another post. After the zoo we had to head home for a little nap and then a nice long walk to pick up one of the day home kids from preschool.

Thursday was an incredible day, I think it was about 14 above at 8am when we first started playing outside. Emerson loved hanging out in his playpen, he even had his naps in there.

Here is all our gear out, and Aly having her morning snack at the picnic table.
Thursday evening Uncle Chad and Auntie Melissa came for dinner and a visit.

Friday was another day spent outside. It was quite a bit hotter, but having a north facing backyard has been great because of all the shade especially during the noon hour. We still get to play outside and have lunch without it being too hot. The afternoon was above 30 so we had the sprinkler going to cool us off.

Alyssa loves bubbles so much, she has played with them every day this week. I'm really glad that I had bought the ginormous bottle of bubble solution.

Emerson has been growing so much! I had to go through all of his clothes because he had a major growth spurt and is out of the majority of his 3-6 month clothes and into the 6-9 month stuff. I have to admit I cried, I can't believe how fast this time has gone with him. He's my last baby so I don't want him to grow so fast :)

Friday afternoon my friend Amanda came down from Cold Lake to visit for a couple of days. That evening we did some grocery shopping and she snapped some very cute pictures of my kids at the store.
This one of Emerson looks like he is so surprized to see the elephant. So cute!

Alyssa being helpful loading the cart. She saw these glasses so similiar to the ones she found while shopping with Daddy but in pink. I let her wear them around the store and so many people stopped to smile at her and try and chat her up. She of course would have none of that and turned away and ran behind me.

Trying to get pictures of Amanda and the kids, Aly would sit down say cheese and then stand up immediately and run around. Crazy kid.

Emerson is much more cooperative and this is a great smiling shot.
We took the kids to Sunridge Mall on Saturday so I could get some more skirts and shorts for Aly and a few summer outfits for my beanstock of a son.
It was great to have Amanda here for a visit, we don't get to see each other often enough.
Sunday evening Carol came over for dinner and blew bubbles outside with Alyssa while I fed Emer and got him ready for bed.

It was a fantastic, busy and tiring weekend but I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that have helped me get through the week with my energetic kids.

I can not forget to mention that Aly had 2 friends with birthdays this weekend. Both Teagan and Aidan turned 3!

Teagan has a super cool extreme bubble making wand and there were tons of bubbles! It was almost as big as she is so she didn't quite get the hang of it but when it was Teagan's turn there were so many, Alyssa was surrounded :)

The always adorable and funny Aidan. I can't get a picture of him without him sticking his tounge out- lol!

I also couldn't get him and Aly to sit or stand still long enough to get a picture of them together.

Monday night there was a BBQ at Nana and Grandpa Jack's house. Auntie Becca, Uncle Nick, Uncle Chad and Auntie Melissa were also there.
Uncle Chad and Auntie Melissa decided to give Aly her birthday present a little early. Check out the motorized Diego quad.

Alyssa took it for a ride out to the park. Uncle Chad and Grandpa were helping Aly steer.
When we talked to Daddy that night on the phone I told him what she had got and he said "uh oh! if she's anything like you were, her brother just might get run over"
hee hee. who me? I do remember being lucky enough to have a child size quad and snowmobile but I don't recall running anyone or thing over. There are stories however, I'm sure they are exaggerated- maybe not the one where I rolled it in the ditch. ;)
I'll have to get a pic of me when I was her age on the quad and post it with another one of Aly.
Emerson and Auntie Melissa. E was going crazy for the red cup, he's too young to get excited about the strong bevi on the inside yet.

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