Friday, May 30, 2008

Its been hell this past week. Aly, Emerson and Travis have all been sick. Emerson was so wheezy and had some difficulty breathing we had to take him into the ER at the Children's last Sunday and thought we might have to again this past Wednesday.
Finally last night both kids got a good sleep, Aly slept right through the night and Emer slept almost 4 hrs a first for them in almost two weeks!

Aly played Doctor and did a check-up on Emerson. It was pretty scary to have E so sick, Aly was never noisy in the chest like that and he turned blue on Nana and then gave Daddy a real scare!

After having a less than cooperative little brother as a patient (he kept grabbing her Dr's Coat and stethascope "No, Emer MINE! My shirt!") she opted for a docile cabbage patch baby instead.

Aly listening to the heartbeat and the cough of her patient. She had fun checking them all then giving them an operation and wrapping them in bandages :)

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